The weekly wage in Cornwall

This is the weekly gross median pay for full time employee jobs 2018 in each of the Cornish constituencies.


In the Truro and Falmouth constituency the median gross weekly pay is £530 and in St Austell-Newquay, it is £440 – nearly a hundred pounds lower.

The UK median wage of £570

Note: Median pay for full-time workers is the point at which half of full-time workers earn more and half less. Estimates are for April 2018 and are for employee jobs only.

Figures are rounded to the nearest £10 and are subject to some uncertainty, as they come from a survey which only includes a limited number of people in each local area. Figures show median earnings for people living in the constituency (rather than people whose workplace is in the constituency) – some people may travel in or out of the constituency to work[1].

While recent figures released by the ONS suggest that wage rises are pulling away from inflation, the average real wage is lower now than it was ten years ago. See  Full Fact

Two thirds of children in poverty live in a working family

Despite record employment rates in the UK, the number of people trapped in poverty in working families has risen by over one million in the three years to 2016/17. This means almost three million children are now locked in poverty despite living in a working family. The situation is set to worsen further in future.


[1] Source – House of Commons Constituency Dashboard