The NHS in Cornwall

Lack of funding has led to a crisis in NHS provision. Here are some key stats for Cornwall

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Targets hit and missed

NHS in Cornwall

Source:BBC Health Tracker

The Health check NHS funding website also has the following additional data for Cornwall over the period 2013-18

See their website But please note: in some cases national average figures are given because local providers have failed to report figures.

Mental health services are overstretched:

  • Patients up 33% between 2013-18
  • Staff up 3%
  • Beds down minus 13%

GP provision:

Cornwall is 9% short of GPs. There are 329 GPs but Cornwall needs 360

Hospital health provision

  • outpatients up 13%
  • Inpatients up 15%
  • Emergency admissions up 8%

But NHS staff is not rising fast enough

  • Hospital doctors up only 7.6%
  • Nurses, midwives, health visitors up only 4%
  • Diagnostic, science and therapeutic 12.4%