Don’t judge a government on its promises but on its record!

What are you going to believe? The latest government promise to  fund  services that it has cut over a decade? Or what you see with your own eyes: the rise in street homelessness, the rise in low paid, insecure work, and the struggle to get an appointment with your local GP.

And are you really going to fall for yet more promises of tax cuts for all? Even though these benefit the rich far more than you and your family – and even as the government fails to explain how tax cuts square with funding public services?

Your vote is worth more than the easy, throwaway promises of a government that has long since lost the trust of voters.

Think before you vote!

Use this website to look up key information relating to your constituency – from cuts to education to carbon emissions for Cornwall.

Look up the personal voting record of your MP. You can also read up what they are saying in Cornwall as well as any reference to Cornwall in current parliamentary discussions.

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Here are some key findings  taken from this website

Between 2014 and 2018, Cornwall Council sold off 349 spaces for more than £25,608.398. 

The Bureau of investigative Journalists have created an interactive map which tells you what has been sold in your local area – and to whom

The house price to earnings ratio varies between 7.6 for the South East Cornwall Parliamentary Constituency to 10.3 for the St Ives Constituency

The weekly wage in Cornwall remains well below the national average of £570 per week. 

In three Cornwall constituencies it is well over £100 lower.   While recent figures released by the ONS suggest that wage rises are pulling away from inflation, the average real wage is lower now than it was ten years ago

Nationally, two thirds of children in poverty live in a working family

And in three Cornish constituencies, child poverty rate is 30% or more

The persistent government claim of an overall increase in education spending is actually a cut of 8% in real terms between 2009–10 and 2017–18.

Nationally, total school spending per pupil has fallen by 8% in real terms. Camborne, Redruth and Hayle Constituency has seen the steepest cut in funding per pupil of 8.2%

The recent government announcement claiming to reverse these cuts has been criticised by the BBC head of statistics as lacking credibility

Sources used for this website

We give sources to facts and data in all the voting records so that voters can check these for themselves. Two of the main sources of information we use are: website. This gives voting records for all MPs

House of Commons Local Constituency Dashboard containing government data on a wide range of issues

Local Constituency Pact

The draft local constituency pact is a code of conduct which you can ask your MP or prospective party candidate to sign. Should your MP or preferred party candidate agree to sign this, get back to us and we will post this on our website and share this as widely as we can so that everyone knows about it.


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